Frequently Asked Questions

Is ADI an aesthetic-fit for my project?

Do you love color, pattern and texture? Do you appreciate the natural patina of hardware, tile and stone? Do you crave design that is as whimsical as it is luxurious? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, ADI is the studio for you!

How many projects is ADI capable of taking on?

At ADI, we work on a small number of interiors projects at a time so that Annie can be closely involved, together with our team, in their creative direction. Our desire is to work on a diverse portfolio of projects, where we truly get to explore our creativity and collaborate with our clients.

Does ADI have a square footage minimum?

We don’t! That said, we value scope over scale. The fuller the scope the more cohesive, creative and impactful the design will be. In that, we tend to lean away from partial projects and toward full home design, regardless of square footage.

Does ADI have a budget minimum for furnishings?

Yes! $60/square foot is the absolute minimum investment required to achieve a design that is true to ADI’s visual language and commitment to quality.

How soon can we start?

Clients can typically expect a lead time of six months for ADI’s services.