The Approach

The studio’s intuitive approach nurtures trust, the sharing of stories, and the deep connections that reveal how people most want to live and feel.

Guided by the dynamic interplay of people’s desires, histories, and dreams, ADI crafts spaces for celebration and rejuvenation, for early mornings, late nights, and years, all beautifully woven together, for life.


We find inspiration in stories well told, in hues, textures, and patina…Places near and far.


We ask the kind of questions and build the kind of relationships that invite people to share stories that reveal the way they want to live, which also means, how they want to feel. While this approach is by-design, it is also organic and intuitive — the dynamic interplay of desires, histories, and dreams that guide every sketch and every detail.


It is an honor to breathe life, beauty, magic, and meaning into people’s homes. That’s why we constantly hone and refine our skills. It’s why organization, communication, problem solving, efficiency, and kindness are paramount to our process. Because what the “finished product” delivers is more than a sense of accomplishment, it’s the joy of co-creation and the knowledge that we’re part of a chapter in the lives of our clients and partners.

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Meet the team

Our team is a gathering of creatives, each with a unique perspective, lived experience, imagination, and skillset. We rely on one another to further our growth as individuals and a collective — in service of doing the most audacious, authentic work we can.

Annie Downing

Founder & Principal Designer

A mother of three, a voracious reader and a seasoned traveler–Annie leads a talented team crafting spaces that reflect a moment in time through her unique design language.

Sam Nowlan-Shipp

Senior Designer

Deeply stylish with AutoCAD superpowers, Sam applies his architectural background to the role of Senior Designer. Sam loves a sunset walk and looks to nature for design inspiration.

Amy Bodle


With an extensive floral background, Amy imbues every project with the perfect balance of color and texture. A supportive and insightful project guide, she is a designer that delights in details.

Claire DeShong

Junior Designer

Claire supports the design team with presentation prep, selections, pricing and logging. Most importantly, she hand draws stunning renderings for all ADI projects. In her free time, she’s a commissioned painter.

Mira Hoffmann

Operations Manager

Mira streamlines the client experience through onboarding, time-lining, and budgeting. She manages ADI’s internal processes and business development. Outside the studio, she hand-knits garments.

Jacqueline Gilbreath

Procurement Manager

Jacqueline manages every part of the procurement process — from gathering estimates, pricing, and proposals to installation. When she’s not procuring, you’ll find her throwing clay on her pottery wheel.